Effects of milk-derived bioactives: an overview

Nagendra P. Shah
2000 British Journal of Nutrition  
Milk contains various components with physiological functionality. Peptides derived from caseins and whey proteins including opioid peptides, antihypertensive peptides, casein phosphopeptides, a-and b-lactorphins and albutensin have been shown to possess various bioactive properties. This review considers an overview of the bioactive components in milk proteins and whey and their physiological function. Casein-based bioactive peptides: Casein phosphopeptides: Whey-based bioactive peptides:
more » ... tive peptides: Opioid: Angiotensin I converting enzyme: a-Lactorphin: b-Lactorphin
doi:10.1017/s000711450000218x fatcat:3a7hyfc6trdk7d3mg3p4xh3ybu