Strength and elastic moduli of TiN from radial x-ray diffraction under nonhydrostatic compression up to 45 GPa

Haihua Chen, Fang Peng, Ho-kwang Mao, Guoyin Shen, Hanns-Peter Liermann, Zuo Li, Jinfu Shu
2010 Journal of Applied Physics  
The high pressure behavior of titanium nitride ͑TiN͒ was investigated using synchrotron radial x-ray diffraction ͑RXRD͒ under nonhydrostatic compression up to 45.4 GPa in a diamond-anvil cell. We obtained the hydrostatic compression equation of state of TiN. Fitting to the third-order Birch-Murnaghan equation of state, the bulk modulus derived from nonhydrostatic compression data varies from 232 to 353 GPa, depending on angle , the orientation of the diffraction planes with respect to the
more » ... espect to the loading axis. The RXRD data obtained at = 54.7°yield a bulk modulus K 0 = 282Ϯ 9 GPa with pressure derivative K 0 Ј fixed at 4. We have analyzed the deformation mechanisms by analyzing the ͑111͒, ͑200͒, ͑220͒, ͑311͒, and ͑222͒ peaks in the x-ray diffraction under pressures. The ratio of uniaxial stress component to shear modulus t / G ranges from 0.007-0.027 at the pressure of 6.4-45.4 GPa. It was found that the TiN sample could support a maximum uniaxial stress component t of 8.6 GPa, when it started to yield at 45.4 GPa under uniaxial compression. And the aggregate elastic moduli of TiN at high pressure were determined from the synchrotron RXRD measurements.
doi:10.1063/1.3392848 fatcat:h4o6pgzidvauffkc6uzfjhfvcu