Filming Marine Life

1918 Scientific American  
scene the effect was produced of the sea ' jungles of waving growth in which roams the devilfish, and the caves wherein these monsters lurk. Then there was material for rocky labyrinths where the shy fish find shelter, sea prairies where the crab legions congregate, and the walls of the reefs on which live the beautiful corals, star fish and sea urchins. Scenes of combat under water have been produced in these movies that rival the Complete equipment for illuminating the tanks. The arc lamps
more » ... rage 40,000 candlepower each Special settings were also arranged for what Mr. Ditmars declares to be one of the most remarkable creatures he ever cap tured. This is the smoking caterpillar, an animal that walks about on the sea bottom. (Concluded on page !1)
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07061918-10 fatcat:q7ouosv23fcafhc4bdlgo4ubfi