B.R. Zayats
2019 Legal horizons  
The activities of the militia in 1947 had its own peculiarities. This is, firstly, post-war devastation, which has reached enormous proportions. Secondly, it was the 1946-1947 famine in Ukraine, that had the worst results in the first half of 1947. Thirdly, it a post-war morally-psychological situation in society is a habit to violence and application of weapon. Fourthly, a negative influence on counteraction to criminality was the abolition of death punishment in May in 1947. Fifthly, in 1947
more » ... . Fifthly, in 1947 there is the strengthening of the general repressiveness of the totalitarian regime in Ukraine, due to the return to the leadership of L.M.Kahanovych. Sixth, 1947 was the peak of the increase of criminality in the post-war years. Seventh, on December, 14 in 1947 by a government resolution was accepted «About realization of monetary reform and about the abolition of cards on food and industrial stuff». The basic activity of militia, related to this event, came true already in 1948, that is why we examine the beginning of this work only. The review of literature testifies that a scientific problem is given is investigational not enough. The novelty of the article consists in that in her basic work of militia assignments are first studied in this certain historical period - 1947р., a question is complemented about the influence of structural changes in the organization of militia of Ukrainian SSR on counteraction to criminality. There was a reorganized control system of criminal search in these years, increase her basilar links and the number of skilled staff increased. In 1947 from the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Ministry of State Security were transferred departments to combat banditry. At the offices of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there were organized special departments to combat speculation. Militiamen of Ukraine in these years in majority honestly carried out the duties. But legality and discipline in a militia remained at an insufficient level. A militia did not succeed to be obtained an improvement of the criminogenic situation - the crime in this year grew. Need a further study activity of militia in relation to counteraction to hooliganism in an indicated period and the work of district militia officers. Keywords: Ukraine, 1947, militia, Ministry of Internal Affairs, counteraction of criminality
doi:10.21272/legalhorizons.2019.i18.p7 fatcat:7sr2nlc3drflln2vk3bvp2shty