Existing Problems and Countermeasures on Cultivation of Applied Japanese Talents

Yanjun Liu
2017 Proceedings of the 2016 2nd International Conference on Education, Social Science, Management and Sports (ICESSMS 2016)   unpublished
With the accelerating process of economic globalization and economic exchanges between China and Japan is increasingly close, proposed the new challenge to talents training in Japanese. With solid Japanese language foundation knowledge, master in the field of professional knowledge and skills, has the solidarity and cooperation spirit, bears hardships and stands hard work spirit, communication, communication ability, independent thinking ability and autonomous learning ability of applied
more » ... e talents is the need of talent. In order to improve the quality of the cultivation of the applied talents training in Japanese, has carried on the thorough investigation and study, analyzes the problems of applied talent training in Japanese, advances some countermeasures for the cultivation of applied Japanese talents, to deepen the reform of the Japanese teaching and train high quality applied Japanese talent service. Introduction Applied talents is to apply professional knowledge and skills in a specialized personnel engaged in professional social practice type, mastering a line of social production and social activities of basic knowledge and basic skills, is mainly engaged in production technology or a line of professional talents. With highly open international economy and trade, with the accelerating process of economic globalization and increasingly close economic exchanges between China and Japan, the Japanese talent cultivation put forward new requirements and challenges. Showed a trend of diversification and demand for foreign language talents in the past that a single foreign language professional and basic skills, already could not adapt to the demand of market economy, market demand on graduates who major in simple language and literature is gradually reduced, need to be able to meet the market demand, strong practical ability, high comprehensive quality of applied talents in Japanese. Applied Japanese talents, need to know about Japanese culture, understand the business environment of the Japanese language habits and culture, have a good command of office software and Japanese business scene ability to engage in business activities, at the same time have the correct outlook on life and values, has the independent learning ability, team cooperation ability, communication ability and innovation ability, etc. the comprehensive quality of applied talents. Employment ability is an important index, including the ability to find work, maintain the employment ability and the ability to get a new job. In order to adapt to new requirements and the national economic and social development of higher education in the new situation, the need of applied talents training in Japanese studies, social needs, professional characteristics, and combining students' personalized development and to determine the training objectives, to develop more perfect reasonable talent training scheme [1] . Through in-depth investigation and study, analysis of applied Japanese problems of talent training, put forward the strategy of applied talent training in Japanese, to deepen teaching reform and train high quality applied Japanese talent service. Existing Problems on Cultivation of Applied Japanese Talents Rapidly developed Japanese majors of colleges and universities, which in the personnel training mode and curriculum setting is not perfect. In both direction of Japanese language and literature,
doi:10.2991/icessms-16.2017.73 fatcat:xxyblwj2bbcerdzzqfvipzside