Extracting the Ionization Rate From Photoelectron Momentum Distribution Induced by Circularly Polarized Laser Pulse

Nguyen Thanh Vinh Pham, Oleg I. Tolstikhin, Toru Morishita
In this paper, the adiabatic theory is implemented to consider the ionization process of molecular system exposed to circularly polarized laser pulse. The photoelectron momentum distribution exhibits strong evidence of the properties of the molecular orbital. We also present the possibility to retrieve the ionization rate of the ionized electron from photoelectron momentum distribution in the transverse plane respecting to the polarized plane of the laser field. These results are vital in the
more » ... are vital in the viewpoint of the experiment. Several states of molecular hydrogen ion are considered for illustration.
doi:10.29007/62hv fatcat:kiivddutmnbejlfo5wyeuc3q2a