Проблемы и механизмы обеспечения продовольственной безопасности Республики Дагестан

М.М. Гамзатова
of the Republic of Dagestan, it is necessary to take drastic measures to modernize and breakthrough the development of agriculture, and the entire population of the country receives income from civilian, wages, meetings and living standards of the entire population. First of all, it is necessary to create a modern legislative and regulatory framework for state regulation and economic support for the development and modernization of agriculture and the agro-industrial complex. It is advisable to
more » ... develop and adopt a law on food security of the Republic of Dagestan, a series of laws and regulations governing the interaction of authorities, enterprises, organizations and sectoral complexes of the agro-industrial complex. Achieving and maintaining food security necessitates the development of a long-term strategy for the development of agro-industrial sectors, the definition of scientific, technical and structural policies, the justification of the priorities, long-term goals and objectives of raising agriculture and all food complexes in the region.
doi:10.34755/irok.2021.78.75.006 fatcat:raqbnhz6f5atpl2q6ewjh7o4eu