Strategy Exploration on Classical Poetry Situational Teaching

2020 DEStech Transactions on Social Science Education and Human Science  
Classical poetry has instructive function, which can edify the temperament, moisten the soul and improve cultural literacy. Taking classical poetry teaching as a breakthrough point, the article explores the problems in the course of teaching. Based on the document research, it defines the connotation of Chinese situational teaching. Guided by Constructivism and Reception Aesthetics and being aimed at the cognitive law of middle school students, the writer researches practical teaching
more » ... teaching strategies in order to optimize the teaching process and enhance the teaching effect. The Necessity of Classical Poetry Situational Teaching Classical poetry is like a bright pearl in literary treasure house in China. It has a long history and rich cultural connotation. The classical poems selected for the Chinese teaching material present the context of development history of classical poetry, which is about the life of labor, the praising of heroes, the feeling of patriotism, pastoral description, saying farewell to friends, expressing political aspirations, frontier fortress brigade, homesickness of a man away from hometown, elucidating philosophy, reminiscence of history, laments of love and so on. Confucius, an ancient educator in China, highly praised the educating function of classical poetry. A poem can foster associative ability, improve discernment, teach social skills and satirical approach. With this principle, a man can not only serve parents near to him but the king or emperor far from him. It also teaches the names of birds and beasts and plants [1] . The poems selected for the teaching materials are of high quality and great beauty, carrying the contents of truth, goodness and beauty and with ideological, literary and artistic characters. Appreciating poems can edify the temperament, moisten the soul and improve cultural literacy. In the course of Chinese teaching, appreciating classical poetry is the most difficult subject, which the students are not interested in. The most embarrassing thing is that no matter how hard the teacher tries to rouse their emotion, the students still feel ungrateful. The students just recite the poems, but they cannot understand the rich connotation of the classical poems, cannot feel the beautiful artistic conception and learn the poets' emotions expressed in them. How do the teachers make a change for this embarrassing situation in order to make classical poetry learning interesting and effective? It is difficult for the teachers to use traditional teaching mode for tapping the students' potential. With years of teaching experience, my opinion is that for teaching classical poetry, situational teaching mode can optimize the teaching process and enhance the teaching effect.
doi:10.12783/dtssehs/icesd2020/34513 fatcat:pqap2biurjgzpgu2tigk3gmby4