Design and Analysis of BEC and GDI Technique Using Carry Select Adder

Mohitha, Priyadharsini
International Journal of Science and Research   unpublished
The overture of the work is focused on Carry Select Adder (CSLA), one of the fastest adders used to perform arithmetic functions. The logic operations involved in conventional carry select adder (CSLA) and Binary to Excess-1 Converter (BEC)-based CSLA are analyzed to review the data dependence and to identify redundant logic operations. All the redundant logic operations found in the conventional CSLA are removed and a new logic formulation for CSLA has been proposed. Because of complex digital
more » ... of complex digital signal processing (DSP) system involves several adders, an efficient adder design essentially improves the performance of a complex DSP system and FCSA does this work. Modified GDI logic architecture concentrates on the area level & fast carry selections. The fixed Carry Selections of different stage parallel adder i.e. (Cin=0, 1) is directly based on the GDI technique. This concept provides less area and low delay than previous SQRT-BEC CSLA.