Limiting law excess sum rule for polyelectrolytes

Jonathan Landy, YongJin Lee, YongSeok Jho
2013 Physical Review E  
We revisit the mean-field limiting-law screening excess sum rule that holds for rod-like polyelectrolytes. We present a new, efficient derivation of this law that clarifies its region of applicability: The law holds in the limit of small polymer radius, measured relative to the Debye screening length. From the limiting-law, we determine the individual ion excess values for single-salt electrolytes. We also consider the mean-field excess sum away from the limiting region, and we relate this
more » ... we relate this quantity to the osmotic pressure of a dilute polyelectrolyte solution. Finally, we consider numerical simulations of many-body polymer-electrolyte solutions. We conclude that the limiting-law often accurately describes the screening of physical charged polymers of interest, such as extended DNA.
doi:10.1103/physreve.88.052315 pmid:24329272 fatcat:m4pwrekzkvbapla4gb73fpe74m