A knowledge-based software process library for process-driven software development

P. Mi, M.-J. Lee, W. Scacchi
Proceedings of the Seventh Knowledge-Based Software Engineering Conference  
Process-driven software development represents a new technique for software production, in which a conceptual knowledge representation. called a software process, is used to represent and guide development activities. Management and reuse of software processes therefore becomes a requirement for process-driven software development. In this paper, we p r e s e n t a k n o wledge-based process library (SPLib) that supports the organization, access and reuse of software processes. SPLib consists
more » ... a knowledge base of software process representations. It also provides a set of process operations that support browsing, searching composition and abstraction. These operations reason about the content o f s o f t ware processes as well as maintain proper interdependency relationships among the software processes. To demonstrate the use of SPLib in process-driven software development, we p r o vide a usage scenario where SPLib facilitates the access and reuse of software processes in real applications.
doi:10.1109/kbse.1992.252902 dblp:conf/kbse/MiLS92 fatcat:oxqkfuiuerbobp3gksigcmc6lu