Hidden transcripts of resistance [thesis]

Jennifer Lynn Heacock-Renaud
____________________________________________ Isaac West ii To my parents, who believed in me from the very beginning. And to Jeff and Parker, for their unconditional love. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In the years that it has taken me to compose this dissertation, I have enjoyed the support of many family members, friends, and academic mentors. First and foremost, I owe special thanks to my dissertation director, Ana M. Rodríguez-Rodríguez. When I began my graduate studies at the University of Iowa, I
more » ... versity of Iowa, I had the good fortune of working immediately with Ana, who was assigned to the role of my academic advisor. Even in our earliest conversations, I was captivated by Ana's energy and her love for her work. Over the last eight years, I am grateful to have benefitted from her guidance and friendship. She has helped me to grow not only as a scholar, but also as a teacher, a feminist, and a mother. She remains an example to me that, as women, we need not limit ourselves to a choice between family and career aspirations. Through our hard work and mutual support, we can do both successfully. I am equally indebted to Denise K. Filios, who religiously read every draft of this thesis over the last three years and whose thoughtful comments, probing questions, and unmatched knowledge of Islamic Spain imbibed this project with new energy and intellectual rigor. Denise generously volunteered hours of her time to talk with me on Skype and motivated me to keep on task with my writing, while also reminding me to take well-deserved breaks. Without her steadfast support, I would not have finished this thesis.
doi:10.17077/etd.zrcr7nvv fatcat:kacrnyh66recthox554eanckwa