Atomically precise nanoclusters with reversible isomeric transformation for rotary nanomotors

Zhaoxian Qin, Jiangwei Zhang, Chongqing Wan, Shuang Liu, Hadi Abroshan, Rongchao Jin, Gao Li
2020 Nature Communications  
AbstractThermal-stimuli responsive nanomaterials hold great promise in designing multifunctional intelligent devices for a wide range of applications. In this work, a reversible isomeric transformation in an atomically precise nanocluster is reported. We show that biicosahedral [Au13Ag12(PPh3)10Cl8]SbF6 nanoclusters composed of two icosahedral Au7Ag6 units by sharing one common Au vertex can produce two temperature-responsive conformational isomers with complete reversibility, which forms the
more » ... , which forms the basis of a rotary nanomotor driven by temperature. Differential scanning calorimetry analysis on the reversible isomeric transformation demonstrates that the Gibbs free energy is the driving force for the transformation. This work offers a strategy for rational design and development of atomically precise nanomaterials via ligand tailoring and alloy engineering for a reversible stimuli-response behavior required for intelligent devices. The two temperature-driven, mutually convertible isomers of the nanoclusters open up an avenue to employ ultra-small nanoclusters (1 nm) for the design of thermal sensors and intelligent catalysts.
doi:10.1038/s41467-020-19789-4 pmid:33243987 fatcat:sqwslbzxi5ehxdwt6linyfpj5i