LhMYB12, Regulating Tepal Anthocyanin Pigmentation in Asiatic Hybrid Lilies, is Derived from Lilium dauricum and L. bulbiferum

Masumi Yamagishi, Takashi Nakatsuka
2017 The Horticulture Journal  
Genes encoding a MYB12 transcription factor, which regulates anthocyanin biosynthesis, are the key genes causing variations in the anthocyanin colors in lily flowers. However, the origin of the MYB12 in Asiatic hybrid lilies (Lilium spp.) is not completely known. In this study, we analyzed anthocyanin pigments in tepals of L. maculatum, L. lancifolium, L. callosum, L. leichtlinii, L. davidii, L. bulbiferum, and L. dauricum, and clarified that L. dauricum and L. bulbiferum accumulated a single
more » ... umulated a single anthocyanin, cyanidin 3-O-rutinoside, in entire tepals, although these wild species had orange-colored tepals. The sequencing of MYB12 genes revealed seven allelic sequences among ten L. dauricum plants and two allelic sequences in one L. bulbiferum plant. These MYB12 sequences were the same as or similar to the sequences isolated from pink Asiatic hybrid lily cultivars, indicating that L. dauricum and L. bulbiferum have contributed to the anthocyanin coloration of these cultivars.
doi:10.2503/hortj.okd-057 fatcat:qmjn4jeo3rfo7f4l65fv7fg6ii