The Operation and Kinematic Analysis of a Novel CAM-Based Infinitely Variable Transmission

Derek F. Lahr, Dennis W. Hong
2006 Volume 2: 30th Annual Mechanisms and Robotics Conference, Parts A and B   unpublished
In this paper, the operation and analysis of a novel, highly configurable, infinitely variable transmission of the ratcheting drive type is presented. This particular drive uses a cam and a number of cam followers rotatably mounted to a carrier plate to generate an oscillatory motion in an equal number of planet gears. A number of indexing clutches are then used to rectify this motion into a rotational output. A full description of the mechanism, including its components, operation, and
more » ... ration, and kinematic equations are presented. There are a number of inversions of this device, and their characteristics and limitations are discussed. In addition, a method is presented to select the most suitable inversion, gearing, and follower velocity for a given application.
doi:10.1115/detc2006-99634 fatcat:45hsysyr2vhdfhnppzxcwx24um