Application of differential evolution for defining the optimal grid reinforcement shown on the test-system
Primena diferencijalne evolucije pri definisanju optimalnog ojačanja mreže na primeru test-sistema

Vladan Ristić, Darko Šošić
2020 Tehnika  
Building of the renewable energy sources in the geographic areas that were not, until that moment, recognized as the locations where the energy could be generated could lead to the change in load flows and voltage values in the system in which these sources are being incorporated. The inability of the system operator to deny the connection of the renewable sources can often cause the need for the system reinforcements between the newly created productive regions and the existing zones with the
more » ... ignificant consumption. Therefore, the goal of this paper is the determination of the optimal new line that should be commissioned in the system, according to the results of the conducted multi-criteria optimization, performed using the differential evolution method, modified applying the georeferencing principle. This calculation takes into account the maximization of the installed capacity of the connected renewable source and minimization of the energy losses ' costs in the system during the lifespan of the built line as the objective functions for optimization. The application of the developed methodology is demonstrated on the test-system containing 30 nodes, with the wind power plant being connected to the grid in one of them.
doi:10.5937/tehnika2005611r fatcat:ahlrr2nofncxlgclizr2s6diiu