An Improved Pipe Joint

1891 Scientific American  
A BOILER FEEDER, REGULATOR, AND ALARM. AN IMPROVED PIPE JOINT. This improvement, patented by Mr. P. Brown, is· The improvement which forms the subject of the designed to afford absolute safety against danger from accompanying illnstration is applicable to steam, wa Jow and high water in boilers. It has no floats to clog ter, oil and other pi pes, affording great convenience in or fill and no spring's to weaken or break, and is with-adj listing the pipes and preventing breakage or leak out
more » ... te valves or pistons, while, in case of the water supply being cut off from any cause, an alarm is given before the water level falls to the danger point. A vertical cylinder, A, is connected above and below with the steam and water spaces of the boiler, and this cylinder is connected at different elevations by the four flexibly jointed pipes, G, H, with the two spherical vessels, B, C, suspended from the beam, D, fulcrumed near the end of another beam, E, working on a fixed fulcrum. The larger spherical vessel, B, will be about half full of water when the water in the boiler is at a medium height, the smaller spherical vessel, C, being then full of water. By the fall of the water in the boiler the vessel, B, is emptied, the water being dis placed by the stearn, and the beam, D, is then drawn down by the vessel, C, when, by means of crank and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11141891-307a fatcat:gez6uzjagrbhdlpqyubw5arsnq