Development of the Interaural Cross-Correlation Coefficient Into a More Complete Auditory Width Prediction Model

Russell Mason, Tim Brookes, Francis Rumsey
Auditory width measurements based on the interaural cross-correlation coefficient (IACC) are often used in the field of concert hall acoustics. However, there are a number of problems with such measurements, including large variations around the centre of a room and a limited range of values at low frequencies. This paper explores how some of these problems can be solved by applying the IACC in a more perceptually valid manner and using it as part of a more complete hearing model. It is
more » ... odel. It is proposed that measurements based on the IACC may match the perceived width of stimuli more accurately if a source signal is measured rather than an impulse response, and when factors such as frequency and loudness are taken into account. Further developments are considered, including methods to integrate the results calculated in different frequency bands, and the temporal response of spatial perception.