Design and Controlling of Novel Topologies of IUPQC Based on Multi Port AC/AC Converters

M Mahmoudi, A Ajami, E Najmi
2016 Tabriz Journal of Electrical Eng   unpublished
In recent years, reduced switch count converters have garnered particular attention because they have some benefits such as low cost low weight and small size. So far, different structures of power converters have been introduced to reduce the number of switches that can be classified in two categories, single and multiple outputs. In this paper, three structures of reduced switches count converters are suggested to improve the power quality as inter line unified power quality conditioner
more » ... y conditioner (IUPQC). The switch count reduction methods reduce the complexity of the proposed structures, the total price of the system and switching losses. Control and modulation schemes are provided to guarantee the compensation of disturbances arising from network and load and obtain the unity power factor, too. The simulation results verify suitable effects of proposed control and modulation schemes for proposed converters.