Dynamic Parameters and Hysteresis Loop Characteristics of Frozen Silt Clay under Different Cyclic Stress Paths

Furong Liu, Zhiwei Zhou, Wei Ma, Shujuan Zhang, Zhizhong Sun, Hao Zheng
2021 Advances in Materials Science and Engineering  
In cold regions, the long-term stability of engineering facilities is unavoidably influenced by the negative temperature, freeze-thaw process, dry-wet process, and dynamic loading conditions induced by earthquakes and traffic loads. In order to investigate the effects of different cyclic stress paths on the evolution of dynamic mechanical properties of frozen silt clay, a series of cyclic triaxial tests with variation confining pressure (VCP) or constant confining pressure (CCP) were performed.
more » ... CP) were performed. Triaxial low-temperature apparatus (MTS-810) was taken advantage of to simulating various cyclic stress paths by changing cyclic loading conditions of axial stress and confining pressure. In this paper, the evolution features of the axial resilient modulus, damping ratios, and the shape of hysteresis loops with an increase in the number of load cycles under different dynamic stress paths are comprehensively studied. The results show that the loading angle of cyclic stress path and the phase difference between cyclic axial stress and confining pressure are the main factors that remarkably affect the development characteristics of the resilient modulus and damping ratio. With increasing of the loading angle and phase difference, the resilient modulus increases, but damping ratio increases with increasing of loading angle and with decreasing of phase difference. With the continuous increase in the number of loading cycles, the samples of frozen soil show compacting and hardening characteristics. With an increase in the number of load cycles, the shape of hysteresis loop becoming narrows, the resilient modulus decreases at the initial stage and then gradually increases, and the damping ratio stably decreases. According to contrastively analyzing the evolution of dynamic parameters and the shape features of hysteresis loops under various cyclic stress paths, it can be clearly discovered that the evolution of sample microstructure and the development of dynamic characteristics of frozen samples have obvious dependence on the cyclic stress path. Therefore, the effects of variable confining pressure (VCP) on dynamic behaviors of frozen soils are nonnegligible in practical cold region engineering.
doi:10.1155/2021/3763181 fatcat:mucv72t5rbbi5bzhllua7dm25i