High-Precision Trajectory Tracking in Changing Environments Through L_1 Adaptive Feedback and Iterative Learning [article]

Karime Pereida, Rikky R. P. R. Duivenvoorden, Angela P. Schoellig
2017 arXiv   pre-print
As robots and other automated systems are introduced to unknown and dynamic environments, robust and adaptive control strategies are required to cope with disturbances, unmodeled dynamics and parametric uncertainties. In this paper, we propose and provide theoretical proofs of a combined L_1 adaptive feedback and iterative learning control (ILC) framework to improve trajectory tracking of a system subject to unknown and changing disturbances. The L_1 adaptive controller forces the system to
more » ... ve in a repeatable, predefined way, even in the presence of unknown and changing disturbances; however, this does not imply that perfect trajectory tracking is achieved. ILC improves the tracking performance based on experience from previous executions. The performance of ILC is limited by the robustness and repeatability of the underlying system, which, in this approach, is handled by the L_1 adaptive controller. In particular, we are able to generalize learned trajectories across different system configurations because the L_1 adaptive controller handles the underlying changes in the system. We demonstrate the improved trajectory tracking performance and generalization capabilities of the combined method compared to pure ILC in experiments with a quadrotor subject to unknown, dynamic disturbances. This is the first work to show L_1 adaptive control combined with ILC in experiment.
arXiv:1705.04763v1 fatcat:z32n7aiqord5bcs5icxag25qtm