Towards a model for tool-body assimilation and adaptive tool-use

Cota Nabeshima, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Max Lungarella
2007 2007 IEEE 6th International Conference on Development and Learning  
It is common experience that, through practice, tools disappear from our awareness. This form of perceptual learning occurs at all stages of life. In this paper we outline a model of "tool-body assimilation" and tool use inspired by recent findings in neuropsychology and neurophysiology. Our model is based on three assumptions: 1) the body schema is plastic and alterable and can extend to incorporate tools; 2) objects can be adapted in-situ to act as tools; and 3) tools are used on the base of
more » ... sed on the base of their functionality. We evaluate our model by instantiating it in a simulated tool-using robot which learns to handle tools of various shapes to retrieve an object placed out of sight and out of reach. We discuss the model's plausibility to explain tool-body assimilation in humans and other tool-using primates.
doi:10.1109/devlrn.2007.4354031 fatcat:3aux3u53ivbrnbk7zj2pn4bndi