A Method of Modal Parameter Identification for Wind Turbine Blade Based on Binocular Dynamic Photogrammetry

Wenyun Wang, Xuejun Li, Anhua Chen
2019 Shock and Vibration  
The identification of operational modal parameters of a wind turbine blade is fundamental for online damage detection. In this paper, we use binocular photogrammetry technology instead of traditional contact sensors to measure the vibration of blade and apply the advanced stochastic system identification technique to identify the blade modal frequencies automatically when only output data are available. Image feature extraction and target point tracking (PT) are carried out to acquire the
more » ... cement of labeled targets on the wind turbine blade. The vibration responses of the target points are obtained. The data-driven stochastic subspace identification (SSI-Data) method based on the Kalman filter prediction sequence is explored to extract modal parameters from vibration response under unknown excitation. Hankel matrixes are reconstructed with different dimensions, so different modal parameters are produced. Similarity of these modal parameters is compared and used to cluster modes into groups. Under appropriate tolerance thresholds, spurious modes can be eliminated. Experiment results show that good effects and stable accuracy can also be achieved with the presented photogrammetry vibration measurement and automatic modal identification algorithm.
doi:10.1155/2019/7610930 fatcat:xljxzor5xfgplnlvybpfyukhsu