Use of crude plant extract of Adhatoda vasica as insecticides against Bemisia tabaci

2017 Iraqi Journal of Science  
The present study evaluates the insecticidal activity of (Acetone, 80% Methanol and water) crude leaf extract of AdhatodavasicaagainstBemisiatabaci. The extracts of (Acetone, Methanol 80%) showed 100, 86.6% mortality of nymphsBemisiatabaci at 5% concentration. Then the extracts of (Acetone, Methanol 80%) showed 100, 90% mortality of pupaBemisiatabaci at 5% concentration. Phytochemical screening revealed the presence of (Flavones, Volatiles oils, Tannins, Saponines, Glycosides, Alkaloids,Resins
more » ... , Alkaloids,Resins and Terpenoids)in methanol80% crude extract. It can be concluded that the acetone and methanol crude leaf extract of A. vasicaNees can cause mortality in (nymphs, pupa) Bemisiatabaci, so it can be used asinsecticides.
doi:10.24996/ijs.2017.58.1c.7 fatcat:3arwdy6gnjgidnj2uym6jk6t5i