Uncertainty modelling and structured singular-value computation applied to an electromechanical system

M. Steinbuch, J.C. Terlouw, S.G. Smit, O.H. Bosgra
1992 IEE Proceedings D Control Theory and Applications  
The investigation of closed-loop systems subject to model perturbations is an important issue to assure stability robustness of a control design. A large variety of model perturbations can be described by norm-bounded uncertainty models. A general approach for modelling structured complex and real-valued parametric perturbations is presented. The resulting robustness analysis problem is solved nonconservatively using real and complex-structured singular-value calculations. The uncertainty
more » ... e uncertainty modelling and robustness analysis are shown for a high-accuracy 5D electromechanical positioning device to be used in optical (Compact Disc) recording. Paper 8767D (C9), first received 11th February 1991 and in revised form 11th February 1992 M. Steinbuch, J.C. Terlouw and S.G. Smit are with the
doi:10.1049/ip-d.1992.0041 fatcat:u657zwyxdrcvdc6la4x42cq5dy