Defects in SUMO (Small Ubiquitin-related Modifier) Conjugation and Deconjugation Alter Cell Sensitivity to DNA Topoisomerase I-induced DNA Damage

Hervé R. Jacquiau, Robert C. A. M. van Waardenburg, Robert J. D. Reid, Michael H. Woo, Hong Guo, Erica S. Johnson, Mary-Ann Bjornsti
2005 Journal of Biological Chemistry  
Eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase I (Top1p) has important functions in DNA replication, transcription, and recombination. This enzyme also constitutes the cellular target of camptothecin (CPT), which induces S-phase-dependent cytotoxicity. To define cellular pathways that regulate cell sensitivity to Top1p-induced DNA lesions, we described a yeast genetic screen for conditional tah (top1T722A-hypersensitive) mutants with enhanced sensitivity to low levels of the CPT mimetic mutant top1T722A (Reid, R.
doi:10.1074/jbc.m500947200 pmid:15817450 fatcat:755onwiw6rduvglboc4w5exswu