Easy Access to Enantiomerically Pure Heterocyclic Silicon-Chiral Phosphonium Cations and the Matched/Mismatched Case of Dihydrogen Release

Nicolo Fontana, Noel Angel Espinosa-Jalapa, Michael Seidl, Jonathan O. Bauer
Phosphonium ions are widely used in preparative organic synthesis and catalysis. The provision of new types of cations that contain both functional and chiral information is a major synthetic challenge and can open up new horizons in asymmetric cation‐directed and Lewis acid catalysis. We discovered an efficient methodology towards new Si‐chiral four‐membered CPSSi* heterocyclic cations. Three synthetic approaches are presented. The stereochemical sequence of anchimerically assisted cation
more » ... tion with B(C6F5)3 and subsequent hydride addition was fully elucidated and proceeds with excellent preservation of the chiral information at the stereogenic silicon atom. Also the mechanism of dihydrogen release from a protonated hydrosilane was studied in detail by the help of Si‐centered chirality as stereochemical probe. Chemoselectivity switch (dihydrogen release vs. protodesilylation) can easily be achieved through slight modifications of the solvent. A matched/mismatched case was identified and the intermolecularity of this reaction supported by spectroscopic, kinetic, deuterium‐labeling experiments, and quantum chemical calculations.
doi:10.5283/epub.44497 fatcat:l7fnyjlgzndjpgnnnzq7a6q3nm