B268 A UK survey of epidural extension: an example of evidence-based practise?

T Potter, N Desai
2022 Obstetric   unpublished
B267 Figure 2 Results A sensory block of T6 and motor block of Bromage scale 4 was achieved with incremental fractionated doses of 16 ml 2% lignocaine with adrenaline. Surgery uneventful with minimal hemodynamic pertubations. Time taken for 2 segment regression of sensory block in this case was around 245 minutes Conclusions A continuous caudal catheter placed under ultrasound guidance can be considered as a safe modality for providing anesthesia/analgesia in parturients with a difficult spine anatomy.
doi:10.1136/rapm-2022-esra.342 fatcat:tfdnhwboxzb43mrdudbsm7ldze