A Study of Kinetics and Adsorption Characteristics for Removal of Arsenate by Using Coal Mine Drainage Sludge in Aqueous Phase
석탄광산배수슬러지를 이용한 액상상태의 비소제거 흡착특성 및 반응속도에 관한 연구

Se-Ban Lee, Ming-Can Cui, Min Jang, Deok-Hyun Moon, Yun-Chul Cho, Jee-Hyeong Khim
2011 Journal of Environmental Science International  
In this research, equilibrium of adsorption and kinetics of As(V) removal were investigated. The coal mine drainage sludge(CMDS) was used as adsorbent. To find out the physical and chemical properties of CMDS, XRD (X-ray diffraction), XRF (X-ray fluorescence spectrometer) analysis were carried out. The CMDS was consist of 70% of goethite and 30% of calcite. From the results, an adsorption mechanism of As(V) with CMDS was dominated by iron oxides. Langmuir adsorption isotherm model was fitted
more » ... l more than Freundlich isotherm adsorption model. Adsorption capacities of CMDS 1 was not different with CMDS 2 on aspect of amounts of arsenic adsorbed. The maximum adsorption amount of two CMDS were respectively 40.816, 39.682 mg/g. However, the kinetic of two CMDS was different. The kinetic was followed pseudo second order model than pseudo first order model. Concentrations of arsenic in all segments of the polymer in CMDS 2 does not have a constant value, but the rate was greater than the value of CMDS 1. Therefore, CMDS 2, which is containing polymer, is more effective for adsorbent to remove As(V).
doi:10.5322/jes.2011.20.2.241 fatcat:usfofmro75ekrg6v2oo4aqpmqi