Radiation cooling and gain calculation for C VI 182 A line in C/Se plasma [report]

C.H. Nam, E. Valeo, S. Suckewer, U. Feldman
1986 unpublished
A model is developed which is capable of describing the evolution of gain resulting from both rapid radiative and expansion cooling of a recombining, freely expanding plasma. It is demonstrated for the particular case of a carbon/selenium plasma that the cooling rate which leads to optimal gain can be achieved by adjusting the admixture of an efficiently radiating material (selenium) in the gain medium (carbon). Comparison is made to a recent observation of gain in a recent NRL/Rochester
more » ... ent with carbon/selenium plasma for the n = 3 •* 2 transition in C VI occurring at 182 A. The predicted maximum gain is ~ 10 cm , as compared to observation of 2-3 cm .
doi:10.2172/5679988 fatcat:wag5x5ux2nhk7dqmh2vkfdceaq