Cartografía Sonora de La Alhambra. El Sonido del Agua como Configurador del Lugar

Josep Cerdà
2016 BRAC  
This article presents the research about a whole new unprecedented aspect in the study of The Alhambra of Granada: the Sound Cartography of the monument. TheSound Landscape of the Alhambra has been studied by several authors (Iges, Panigua, Pelinski), but our main contribution is establishing the parameters of a geometricaland compositional study of this space, from which geocalized recordings were made by means of taping a binaural head: a recording system to capture three-dimensional sound as
more » ... imensional sound as we are able to feel during an itinerary over the real space. Sound Cartography is the term we use to define and analyze the location of sound in the space. To date what had been recorded is the space of royal palaces through conventional microphonics with stereo recording. In our research, we have set certain recording parametersby geolocalizing of sounds in the space with the help of microsounds placing, and through the itineraries of water as sound source. It has been performed a geometricalresearch of the spaces, it has also been set the feasible itineraries in the rooms and gardens of The Alhambra, in order to eventually set complex recording parameterswhere the sound features of every room and garden performed by means of the geometrical itinerary in the space from the harmonic and regulating outlines of the monument.
doi:10.17583/brac.2016.2135 fatcat:hbe6xvnu6ze5vmdjyk4xzqazxq