A Survey of Objective Measurement of Fatigue Caused by Visual Stimuli
시각자극에 의한 피로도의 객관적 측정을 위한 연구 조사

Young-Joo Kim, Eui-Chul Lee, Min-Cheol Whang, Kang-Ryoung Park
2011 Journal of the Ergonomics Society of Korea  
Objective: The aim of this study is to investigate and review the previous researches about objective measuring fatigue caused by visual stimuli. Also, we analyze possibility of alternative visual fatigue measurement methods using facial expression recognition and gesture recognition. Background: In most previous researches, visual fatigue is commonly measured by survey or interview based subjective method. However, the subjective evaluation methods can be affected by individual feeling's
more » ... ual feeling's variation or other kinds of stimuli. To solve these problems, signal and image processing based visual fatigue measurement methods have been widely researched. Method: To analyze the signal and image processing based methods, we categorized previous works into three groups such as bio-signal, brainwave, and eye image based methods. Also, the possibility of adopting facial expression or gesture recognition to measure visual fatigue is analyzed. Results: Bio-signal and brainwave based methods have problems because they can be degraded by not only visual stimuli but also the other kinds of external stimuli caused by other sense organs. In eye image based methods, using only single feature such as blink frequency or pupil size also has problem because the single feature can be easily degraded by other kinds of emotions. Conclusion: Multi-modal measurement method is required by fusing several features which are extracted from the bio-signal and image. Also, alternative method using facial expression or gesture recognition can be considered. Application: The objective visual fatigue measurement method can be applied into the fields of quantitative and comparative measurement of visual fatigue of next generation display devices in terms of human factor.
doi:10.5143/jesk.2011.30.1.195 fatcat:u2wtnrzqajafxpxwsllc2eulky