The Sorter Electronic Boards for the Endcap Cathode Strip Chamber System at CMS [article]

P Padley, G Pawloski, S J Lee, Mikhael Matveev
The Cathode Strip Chamber (CSC) sub-detector [1] at the CMS experiment at CERN consists of trapezoidal 6layer chambers located in the Endcap regions. The CSC system is needed for precise muon identification and generation of trigger primitives for the Level-1 trigger system. The CSC triggering system comprises the onchamber anode and cathode electronics, the off-chamber boards housed in 9U crates mounted on the periphery of the Endcap iron disks, and one Track Finder (TF) crate located in the
more » ... te located in the underground counting room (Fig.1 ). There are several electronic boards in a trigger chain required to generate the Level-1 decision. The primary goal of two of these boards designed at Rice University, the Muon Port Card (MPC) and the Muon Sorter (MS) is the sorting of several incoming trigger primitives, selection of best ones, and their transmission to higher trigger levels.
doi:10.5170/cern-2005-011.422 fatcat:imf5c4nh3ba2ri7xz4xinhxkc4