PO-0910: Dose to the anal-sphincter region and the rectum and faecal leakage after radiation therapy for prostate cancer

D. Alsadius, C. Olsson, N. Pettersson, S.L. Tucker, U. Wilderäng, G. Steineck
2013 Radiotherapy and Oncology  
2nd ESTRO Forum 2013 S349 genitourinary (GU) and/or gastrointestinal (GI) late toxicity with p = 0.0043 after Bonferroni correction in a recessive SNP model. This SNP belongs to BBC3/PUMA that plays a critical role in DNA damageinduced apoptosis. EPIC-validated quality-of-life questionnaires were surveyed for these patients with a maximum follow-up of 5 years. In this study, we further tested the relationship between rs2032809 and EPIC scores (sexual function [SF], sexual bother [SB], and
more » ... her [SB], and sexual domain summary [SS]). Results: At baseline, the mean SF, SB, and SS scores were 44.63 (95% confidence level [CI]: 39.53 -49.45), 63.52 (95% CI: 58.20 -69.13), and 50.40 (95% CI: 45.43 -55.03), respectively. At 5-year follow-up, the mean SF, SB, and SS scores decreased by 41%, 30%, and 40%, respectively. A Mann-Whitney U test was used to investigate relationship between rs2032809 and EPIC scores. Significant associations were found with third-year SB (p = 0.039) and SS (p = 0.037) scores (Figure 1 ). In the third year, the mean SB scores for those who have and do not have the minor allele were 71. 53 and 44.49, and 50.33 and 31.47 for the mean SS score, respectively, suggesting a considerable protective effect of this SNP. An additional test between the SNP and a fifth-year SF score yielded a borderline significant estimate (p = 0.090) and the mean SF scores were 45.76 and 23.85, respectively, for those who have and do not have the minor allele.
doi:10.1016/s0167-8140(15)33216-3 fatcat:w2gn5rg6t5fv3jrw24sz5zbu2u