Effect of extended period of boiling on allergic protein of flower tail shrimp Metapenaeus dobsoni

S.J. Laly, T.V. Sankar, Satyen Kumar Panda
2019 Indian Journal of Fisheries  
Consumption of shellfishes is a major cause of allergic reaction and IgE mediated hypersensitivity is an increasing health issue in sensitive individuals. Thermal stability of allergen of the flower tail shrimp Metapenaeus dobsoni was evaluated during extended period of boiling for immunoreactivity. Shrimp extracts boiled for 5 to 25 min showed increased IgE reactivity of 0.251 to 0.268 at absorbance of 490 nm in comparison to raw extract. Trpomyosin of 37 KDa was observed to withstand longer
more » ... riods of boiling and found to retain IgE binding activity. Thermal treatment by means of boiling for longer duration increased the recognition of this major allergen in individuals with shrimp sensitivity. Hence, tropomyosin subjected to longer period of boiling could be used in facilitating shrimp allergy diagnosis and for detection of allergen in processed food products.
doi:10.21077/ijf.2019.66.3.88139-14 fatcat:mlslmmp5zreexnlpuwqu5fod7y