Significance of Self Help Groups in Tamil Nadu

Raj Prabhakar, Kumar, R Leelavathi
2014 International Review of Research in Emerging Markets and the Global Economy (IRREM) An Online International Monthly Journal (ISSN: XXXX-XXXX   unpublished
Empowering Rural Women focused that the Rural Women's Development through SHG received priority for the time during the sixth plan period. The emphasis, however, continue to be on the economic front through programme such IRDP, DWDRA, TRYSEM and others. It was conceded that none of these projects has delivered the expected results in the form of overall betterment of women's status in SC/ST communities. The importance of empowerment of women. He refers empowerment as a process of exposing the
more » ... s of exposing the oppressive power of existing gender relations. The credit needs and other financial services are provided to the rural masses in general and to the poor in particular through the rural financial markets comprising an unorganized sector consisting of commission agents, moneylenders, landlords, etc., and an organized sector consisting of pyramid type cooperative credit institution-broadly classified into urban credit cooperatives and rural credit cooperatives. The Self-help group members have performed well in their business activities and also group activities and they have got employment, self-confidence, improvement of family welfare and socio economic development of the members. The study to empirically evaluate the economic and political enhancement that has been achieved both individual and family levels. The problems of Women SHGs and suitable measures to overcome their problems.