Building Teacher Self-Efficacy Through Administrator Feedback [thesis]

Limary Trujillo Gutierrez
BUILDING TEACHER SELF-EFFICACY THROUGH ADMINISTRATOR FEEDBACK by Limary Trujillo Gutiérrez The study explored current site principals' feedback practices that support or hinder teachers' implementation of feedback, and identified site principal's practices that encourage or interfere with teacher's self-efficacy. Using qualitative interviews with site principals and teachers from two different districts and three different school sites, the study analyzed two major leadership practices: (a) an
more » ... dministrator's ability to communicate effectively with teachers before, during, and after the feedback process, and (b) an administrator's use of emotional intelligence when providing feedback. Data were separated into four feedback types (positive feedback, negative feedback, feedback and feedforward) and emotional intelligence traits (self-regulation, self-aware, empathy, social skills, and motivation). Comparative analyses were conducted amongst teachers at the same site to explore patterns and insights within and across sites. The results of this study indicated that site principals primarily provided positive feedback and positive feedforward and exuded some of the emotional intelligence traits when providing instructional feedback to teachers. Teachers also wanted their site principals in their classrooms giving instructional feedback more often and believed that the way in which their principal gave them feedback mattered. These findings suggest that collaborative opportunities with site principals on how to provide feedback to teachers more often is essential. Furthermore, principals should receive additional professional development opportunities targeting emotional intelligence and feedback types. v ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This task would have been unreachable without the love, support, and guidance from many admirable people whom I have had the privilege to meet, know, and learn from. First and foremost, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the participants in this study who gave me time in their busy schedules to pursue my dreams; I am forever humbled by your stories and experiences, and feel privileged to have learned so much from you. To my cohort, "C2", for allowing and accepting me when sharing my stress, vulnerability, and for reopening my passion for teaching and learning every opportunity I had to speak to each and every one of you. To my work colleagues, for supporting and encouraging me on along the way-I am extremely appreciative of your patience and support.
doi:10.31979/etd.w5yn-55tc fatcat:rmwlhubeyvfgzdrdxkfpfbmh6m