Effect of biofertilizers of Azotobarvar-2 and Phosphatebarvar-2 on the amount and compositions of Thymus daenensis Celak. essential oil in the full flowering stage

Fatemeh Nejadhabibvash, Behruz Shokri, Abdolbaset Mahmudi
2021 Zīst/shināsī-i Giyāhī-i Īrān  
This experiment was performed in the form of a randomized complete block design with three replications in the spring of 2018 in a research greenhouse located in the city of Urmia. First, the soil sample was analyzed and its physical and chemical properties were measured. Seedlings were transferred to pots after inoculation with azetobarvar-2 and phosphatebarvar-2 biofertilizers. There were 4 plants in each pot. The flowering branches of the plants were harvested at full flowering stage and
more » ... r drying in the shade essential oil extracted by distillation with water using a Clevenger-type apparatus. Essential oil components were analyzed and identified using GC and GC-MS devices. The constituents of the essential oils were identified by mass spectrum, their retention index (RI) and compared with the retention indices reported in reliable sources. The essential oi yield related to control samples and treatments of azetobarvar-2 and phosphatebarvar-2 was 2, 2.5 and 5 percent, respectively. In total, 29 compounds from the essential oil of this plant were identified, which included the range of 97.22 and 94.98%, and the main constituents of the essential oil, including thymol (65.29, 72.65 and 48.99%), caryophyllene (4.27, 4.29 and 11.92%), eucalyptol (4.95, 3.16 and 8.51%) and borneol (3.66, 3.83 and 4.64%) respectively were for the control sample, Azetobarvar-2 and Phosphatebarvar-2. According to the results of this study, the fertilizer phosphatebarvar-2 treatment may be effective in increasing the percentage of essential oil and its main compounds in Thymus daenensis Celak., while the quantitative and qualitative increase of essential oil under Azotobaror-2 fertilizer treatment was not significant compared to the control.
doi:10.22108/ijpb.2021.122978.1213 doaj:21617a10cdce4822af7bd80f24d772bf fatcat:72gakx3yqjgkbfels4m6f6mnhi