Effects of Mosquito coil smoke (D-Transallethrin) on parenchyma of testis of adult Wistar Albino rats

Nazia Siddique, Masooma Ahmad, Maria Ilyas, Muhammad Bahadur Baloch, Attya Zaheer, Rukhsana Jabeen
2021 The International Journal of Frontier Sciences  
The use of mosquito coils has increased exponentially, especially in the under developed countries. Many researches have been conducted over the past few years to advocate both the possible risks and potential benefits. These coils and the inhalation of their smoke have been proved to cause upper and lower airway tract infections. But still the possible side effects of inhalation of these coil smoke on other organ systems of the body were unclear. Methods: Adult male Wistar rats were divided
more » ... ats were divided into two groups each containing eight rats. Group A was control group while group B was allowed to inhale mosquito coil smoke for four week. The experimental group was exposed to MCS for 8 hours / day. Histopathological analysis of testis was carried out. Results: Histopathological studies of rats exposed to MCS revealed changes in parenchyma of testis. Decrease in the height of germinal epithelium and diameter of seminiferous tubules and increase in and vascular congestion was observed. Conclusion: The results of present study suggest that allethrin based mosquito coil smoke has harmful effects on testis
doi:10.37978/tijfs.v5i2.342 fatcat:x5j2nkd7zbcphazlp6343ain6y