Professional Training of Medical Specialists: International Experience

Liudmyla Yakovyshena
2018 Comparative Professional Pedagogy  
The article deals with international experience in medical professional education and analyzes the modern trends in professional training of junior medical officers, specificity of their professional training in 1 and 2 accreditation levels institutions of higher medical education in the context of the European integration process. Subject Benchmark Statements of Ukrainian higher education were defined as a list of requirements for knowledge, abilities and skills in solving professional tasks.
more » ... rofessional tasks. It is emphasized that targeted development of professional competecy is viewed as the most important practical objective of an educational institutions. It is specified that professional training of future nurses in Ukrainian medical colleges is characterized by certain advantages and disadvantages. Ukrainian and international experience in medical education was comparatively analyzed. The American, Canadian and European systems of professional training for medical specialists were considered. It is found that American colleges provide comprehensive and multilevel training for nursers. It is highlighted that integrated three-hour classes are the leading form of the education process organization in Canada. It combines theoretical and practical training. Considerable attention was paid to determining the current trends in the organization and functioning of nurse education in Europe, the USA and Canada. Based on the analysis of professional training junior medical officers in some European countries, the USA and Canada, it is concluded that it is esseintial to take into account positive aspects of European, American and Canadian experience in nure education while planning reforms in Ukraine.
doi:10.2478/rpp-2018-0055 fatcat:izs63k5bxze5zkogx2kv22l6pi