Analysis of Induction Heating according to Coil Shapes on the V-groove Weld Joint
V-groove를 가진 모재에서 코일 형상에 따른 유도가열 해석

Soo Deok Ahn, Young Tae Cho, Yoon Gyo Jung
2015 Journal of the Korean Society for Precision Engineering  
In order to prevent crack in thick weld zones, the preheating process such as induction and gas torch heating needs to be applied. Among them induction heating is the most effective heat source because it has rare thermal effect and very rapid heating characteristics. In this paper, when the induction heating method is used to improve arc welding, the temperature distribution and magnetic field density of the welding zones are analyzed by simultaneously solving heat transfer and electromagnetic
more » ... field equation. In particular, cone and flat type coils are designed and induction heating effects of each type are compared to identify heating characteristics on a V -groove weld joint. As a result, a cone shape coil is more efficient in the preheating process. When induction heating and arc welding system is designed for thick plate with V-groove weld joint, the results in this paper could be applied.
doi:10.7736/kspe.2015.32.2.167 fatcat:wmgvemotp5copc3cldt4wctlxi