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1851 BMJ (Clinical Research Edition)  
The first part is divided into two chapters. The first chapter treats of the PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF THE LFUNGS, by inspection, application of the hand, mensuration in rest and in motion, percussion, auscultation, and suCcussion; and concludes with remarks on the determination of the situation of surrounding parts and organs. DR. WALSHE has written it in an instructive style; and has, as in the rest of his work, condensed a good deal of information in a small space. We can afford room for onlly
more » ... ford room for onlly a few extracts. Under the head of MOTION, the author observes that, " in ordinary breathing, which is mainly effected by the descent of the arch of the Liaphragm, the amount of abdominal is greater than that of thoracic-expansion movement; and the former commences sensibly before the latter. This is true, ' " The precise spot where infiltrated false membrane exists may be pointed out during life by this sound."
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