Design of Weft Detection System in The Stenter Machine

Minming Gu, Xianju Xu, Wenzhan Dai
2017 IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environment  
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more » ... bstract. In order to build an effective automatic weft-straightening system, it is important for the sensing device to detect most the possible fabric styles, designs, colours and structures, an optical sensing system that detects the angular orientation of weft threads in a moving web of a textile has been built. It contains an adjustable light source, two lens systems and photodiode sensor array. The sensor array includes 13 radial pattern of photosensitive areas that each generate an electrical signal proportional to the total intensity of the light incident on the area. The moving shadow of a weft thread passing over the area will modulate the output signal. A signal processed circuit was built to do the I/V conversion, amplifying, hardware filtering. An embed micro control system then deals with the information of these signals, calculates the angle of the weft drew. Finally, the experiments were done, the results showed that the weft detection system can deal with the fabric weft skew up to 30° and has achieved good results in the application.
doi:10.1088/1755-1315/100/1/012140 fatcat:gzyeczq3sfcbvhq4zre7aqd7ou