Induced parity violating thermal effective action for(2+1)-dimensional fermions interacting with a non-Abelian background

F. T. Brandt, Ashok Das, J. Frenkel
2002 Physical Review D, Particles and fields  
We study the parity breaking effective action in 2+1 dimensions, generated, at finite temperature, by massive fermions interacting with a non-Abelian gauge background. We explicitly calculate, in the static limit, parity violating amplitudes up to the seven point function, which allows us to determine the corresponding effective actions. We derive the exact parity violating effective action when $\vec{E}=0$. When $\vec{E}\neq 0$, there are families of terms that can be determined order by order
more » ... ined order by order in perturbation theory. We attempt to generalize our results to non-static backgrounds through the use of time ordered exponentials and prove gauge invariance, both {\it small} and {\it large}, of the resulting effective action. We also point out some open questions that need to be further understood.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.65.065013 fatcat:cufir6w2vbdjtc3rjbqimwzwqq