The Nanaimo Free Press [Tuesday, May 11, 1926] [article]

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SrSSSJt PRINTING J ^ coat ol one CeM a word. ^ mre mkp tt***"* :r£ir5L?S"' d?S? NWIAIMO. VANMUV'ER BLW. BRIHSH COtUMW. Tl-tSDAY. MAY 11.192<> negotiations on for settlement of BRITISH STRIKE THMTEOIISUO) 'lUilsmUDili ' URCHflCTDISOr mUYNlii;, DSDSETl N S. M«y II -Krnt .rcMWW ot Lmtcl WorkcM«< Am-• I ill No«. fcrnm Rrrrat. Syria. Uay IIAA cuhmn ol Frracli traofw irampml o*«f Rw nmtt VwfHU y«»lcritay »a4 bvriH Itw Bsia* a< Jm o< thrir comrade* who r* amiMcrad by Dram trihri rclirrc the
more » ... a (arrUoa. which beieiicrd by InbcMBea. The li rrrmrrrd Ihc trealtr ^irticio of war ura* lamay. ■m aSYS aCATS MaMUXAN •• IH MATCH AT aurCBT mmm KmwM. Hay ll-h«l Hoy* lb* Biitwh Colombi* bilhard , ,he caoclm-io hi. k McMillaa. when tar* ■•»»•»* mmiW. mmi !SOimBtTllDiG BEiCfl QUESTION Fork. KaaiĤ i. Wof.hip U.yor Ham ported hariag had aa mtarricw with lodiaa oifKiak ia diaa. had p liter nf tMtawa. M.y II-The awardaw baiile honor, arinre Buiilia to be carriad oa their (iiinr. (or taknw part ia the Graal War aad (or campaica*. i* mM oodcr roa.ider.timi by the departaieal of nat»tial deieoM. it werto a vMatiah. .tatmi ia the yrftcrday, ia am-Wtaai Drira aad KiXlie*' Daaee Friday erenioc ia G W. V. A HaB ia Ida Mile*, camhdaia for St. Whim 2Se, rifctric iav 7J0. Kiddie. Dmwe tSc. Haay Borrhy dance, will be ieatnrrd aa* hr. York. H.y.n-FkH t lUto... ^ of I ■ M ih# "r*da> barilar" wa. to-, Ann . C* ^^eacH to die m the ei|etrie iav 7J0. Iha morder td Patrohaan norrhy dance, will be featured aa* tlXT, who wa. dad to de«h a. the t*arlem*m Merry Widow aad be «.«ta-ptia. *««-'•« I bare a pood tiato. DBKOU NOKGE STUtTED TODIT ONiTTElIPnOFLTOraNOnifOlJ: Odh««ata. H*)' ll-The Hi --Norde ttarted a. to MM lithe North Pide mal Almfca tha «an^. my* • me.-r-Ina. (Hr-* (ay » reeeired from Cap*, a M ll « tht. ar (lyiiir crop, the polar mad. 'a. ham MM* » Ihe prenarr of Norway tor to UMK tehttram re aiBilHi heian the *lart. h wm ofneWly mmnmwd thi. afmama thm Cap.. Arnmalm. wdl take TV aterd raplorer and EJbwmth. Ih tMp.i>«ni OB lhafr naaorcrmful npi to reach tV North Pofr by uw IbM year, hop primarily to •li«coirr land dorinr the Kcht of St«uberr« to Aladia aad that tV .a«..,ery af ema a-HI piaaa of Iaa4 near IV t.,. of the wield wotod lord an BEFOKECOIINCII Lam airhC. awetmr of the City omajf wa. deroid of mmdal iolarem. i* onm importaat qaetioa dimamed liar a report from the Qly Easi tarn at the Sooth Soothcod Baltuor Beach. The U-Ihal they obtcctcd to halhmr beach oo dm Bemrec, aito yemetday'. mcctiar wa. to try aad reach aa i Worddp mated the mcctwr had U.tcd >. aad Ihe (or three and a baU hoori that the the white. cooM am tht beach prw ridiar oac of Iha laihaa. wa. .pa. OM of the rmrd. V wa. that NATIONAL BANK I i Syd-ey. Ohm, M.y ll-SM mea robbed iV Pir.l NalmwH here of M>4» today tad cm •aah here of tJBAW today aĈ M-aped ia ■ SOVIET TUBE MS TO Ilf NHTlSinNiSS ONPmicm STjiTOfCIl M.y 11-lt wa. ml iVt moraiac by D. C riee-praMdeal af the wemeen li^ of Ih. CaaadVa Pmific RaBway. Mr. J. EiMar Mmch ha. ioiMi tV piMictty m.ff of Caaadiaa l^.fic Werner* Nae. He firm eotered »rw.-. . work oa the St. John St^H IB 1*12 u reporter, ioiord the (aatry batultoo m a hcvtcMal H (V Mtama of H14. proceeded oMi with that Botl ia Jmm. IMl woBBded at Vprea Jaae 1«A aiM •(•« ietthcr mrrice ia Fraaae. ratawed dariiw iV pam MtMa. coaMderaUdamar* had beca dam to their propcftie.. caaom Molaa. ir*it tree, rohbad, etc. to tV t Mr. March } M«cow. May 11-^ CoaaeB of iFe Trade Uaiim. of Sonet Roidt hoa Vamed of the refami of the Brkimi Trade. Uoio* Comcm* •• ■<«<*< *-•I aid to the lopoort of dm mrike from toroirto ioclodmr Soviet. Coal and Wood JAMES BORIS piwvm Buik^ and Rooftet PaiMT Stoeer and i SIRVICE CANADIAN PACI FlC Lotus Hotel and Cate D. J. JENKINS'. Undertahiy Fmrier ROUTS toor Prtatoto kare. _______ r, al 7 aja. tad ill pm Leare. Naaatoio al 10 pm. iecarrs •* tw •.-to ; aad S« daily, including Sunday. SS. Cbiltoer Vre. Mtnaaao , at AIS ajn. and 2.06 pjn. Uarr. I VaiKourer at lA'JU ajo. r ' ' p m. daay. •f La^imah CeJl*. WUte H* ■■!■>■" •< *• f«al «ie. tmd «M w^tamad a ifc^ •« Ue hr Dr. C>ril W«e. mmd Ife !.■»»« .1 tW • Urn.
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