Exploration on the Construction of Scientific Research Talents under the Background of "Breaking the Five Only" in Higher Vocational Colleges

2022 International Journal of Frontiers in Sociology  
The development of scientific research talents determines the contribution of scientific research results to the social economy and the advanced level of educational development. It is necessary to implement the fundamental task of building morality and cultivating people, and to break through the stubborn diseases and high levels of evaluation of scientific research talents in the "five only" papers. The motivation for promotion of scientific research by a single professional title in
more » ... l colleges is to return to the spiritual essence of scientific research, so that scientific research talents can concentrate on research to serve talent training, economic and social construction, improve the quality of talent team construction and the conversion rate of scientific research achievements. In terms of evaluation mechanism, achievement transformation-oriented scientific research evaluation mechanism, and scientific research literacy building of scientific research talents and management teams, the "doublequalified" front-line practice drives the expansion of scientific research projects, and explores multiinstitutional cooperation in the form of problem discovery and recognition. Research collaboration mode, and establish a systematic scientific research talent training system and whole-process management environment.
doi:10.25236/ijfs.2022.041015 fatcat:3xke47nnhfcrdfus54drrholle