Utilizing Optical Character Recognition and Boarder Detection Algorithms to Identify Trading Cards

Brodie Boldt, Christopher Cooper, Ryan Fox, Jared Parks, Erin Keith
Magic: The Gathering is a popular physical trading card game played by millions of people around the world. To keep track of their cards, players typically store them in some sort of physical protective case, which can become cumbersome to sort through as the number of cards can reach up to the thousands. By utilizing and improving optical character recognition software, the TCG Digitizer allows users to efficiently store their entire inventory of Magic: The Gathering trading cards in a digital
more » ... cards in a digital database. With an emphasis on quick and accurate scanning, the final product provides an intuitive digital solution for storing Magic: The Gathering cards for both collectors and card owners who want to easily store their collection of cards on a computer.
doi:10.29007/qkhd fatcat:x2d2gikm35gppcfezzb2tqmugu