Study on the Physico-Mechanical Properties of Okra Fibre at Different Harvesting Time

Anisur Rahman Dayan, Mahmudul Habib, Mohammad Abdullah Kaysar, Moslem Uddin
2020 Saudi Journal of Engineering and Technology  
Natural fibers obtained from plants or animals. Okra fiber is one of the source of natural fibres, which comes from okra plant (Abelmoschus esculentus). Okra fiber is eco-friendly, biodegradable, available, and cost effective materials. The properties of okra fiber are changed with different harvesting time. This work studied to determine the physicomechanical and thermal properties using Stelometer, Fibre fineness analysis system, Photovolt meter, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
more » ... Spectroscopy (FTIR), and Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) at different age of okra fibres. The results showed that strength (gm/tex) 30.78, fineness (μm) 40.50, whiteness or color (%) 48.40 of four-month okra fiber and the sixmonth okra fiber strength (gm/tex) 31.98, fineness (μm) 56.12, whiteness or color (%) 43.56. FTIR assessment of the okra fiber reveals the presence of functional group. Thermally stability of six-month sample is good compare to the fourmonth okra fiber. The okra bast fibre is an important unconventional source of fibres, which could be, characterized for their use in blending yarn, reinforcing materials and diversified products.
doi:10.36348/sjet.2020.v05i08.002 fatcat:hunrvinhkratbgih565ex2effq