Ladle Intelligent Re-scheduling Method in Steelmaking–Refining–Continuous Casting Production Process based on BP Neural Network Working Condition Estimation [post]

Wei Liu, Xinfu Pang, Haibo Li, Liangliang Sun
2021 unpublished
The ladle re-scheduling of steelmaking and continuous casting production aims at continuously casting many charges with the same cast and avoiding conflicts of adjacent charges on the same machine. It proposes a method of ladle re-scheduling in the production process of steelmaking–refining–continuous casting, including two parts: plan re-scheduling and ladle optimisation scheduling. Firstly, a re-scheduling optimisation model of the steelmaking and continuous casting production is built, which
more » ... aims at minimising the waiting time of all charges. The re-scheduling strategy of steelmaking and continuous casting production is proposed by interval processing time of charges and scheduling expert experience. The re-scheduling strategy is composed of two parts: re-scheduling charge decision and charge processing machine decision. Then, the first-order rule learning is used to select the optimisation target to establish the ladle optimal scheduling model. The ladle matching rules are extracted by the rule reasoning of the minimum general generalisation. The ladle optimisation scheduling method consisting of the optimal selection of the ladle and the preparation of the optimal path of the ladle is proposed. Ladle selection is based on the production process and adopts rule-based reasoning to select decarburised ladle after choosing dephosphorised ladle. Ladle path preparation, a multi-priority heuristic method, is designed to decide the path of the ladle from the converter to the refining furnace to the continuous casting machine. Finally, it was actually verified based on a large-scale steel company in Shanghai, China. Results showed that the production efficiency of steelmaking-refining-continuous casting was improved.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:4kvpi7zd6vbj5eonygtxrbgydy