Virtual Global Accelerator Network (VGAN)(LCC-0083) [report]

R Larsen
2003 unpublished
The concept of a Global Accelerator Network (GAN) has been proposed by key members of ICFA as a cornerstone of a future International Linear Collider. GAN would provide a tool for the participants of an international collaboration to participate in the actual running of the machine from different parts of the world. Some technical experts view the concept as technologically trivial, and instead point out the significant sociological organizational and administrative problems to be surmounted in
more » ... to be surmounted in creating a truly workable system. This note proposes that many real issues can be explored by building a simulator (VGAN) consisting of a virtual accelerator model, a global controls model, and a functioning human organizational model, a tool that would explore and resolve many real problems of GAN and the LC enterprise during the LC preliminary design and testing phase.
doi:10.2172/826501 fatcat:d4zxxl5ze5chnenlbyaiwdjpm4